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Form this LaTeX-workshop, I found I could make this listing style.

by defining a new environment.

style=StyleListingBasic, backgroundcolor=\color{mittelgrau}, prebreak=\mbox{\textbackslash{}}%
\lstnewenvironment{bevel}[1][1] {\lstset{style=StyleCommand,linewidth=#1\linewidth}} {}%

Running the code, I get this error message.

ERROR: Package Listings Error: Couldn't load requested style.

What might be wrong?

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I missed the \lstdefinestyle, and after some modification, I could make it work.


\usepackage{color}              % Farben
\usepackage{listings}           % für Listings

% Listingdefinitionen
     basicstyle=\ttfamily,       % Schriftstil
     frame=single,               % einfacher Rahmen
     framesep=1pt,               % Abstand des Rahmens
     framerule=0.8pt,            % Linienstaerke des Rahmens
     rulecolor=\color{mittelgrau},  % Farbe der Rahmenlinie
     breaklines=true,            % automatischen Umbruch aktivieren
     breakindent=0pt             % Einrueckung nach Umbruch

style=StyleListingBasic, backgroundcolor=\color{mittelgrau}, prebreak=\mbox{\textbackslash{}}%
\lstnewenvironment{Befehl}[1][1] {\lstset{style=StyleCommand,linewidth=#1\linewidth}} {}%


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