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PetersenDidIt did a great job answering this question.

He showed how to use a link to update the jQueryUI Datepicker's selected date by one day. His solution was:

$('a#next').click(function () {
var $picker = $("#datepicker");
var date=new Date($picker.datepicker('getDate'));
$picker.datepicker('setDate', date);
return false;

I am trying to modify it to do the same thing for a week or month. According to the set date api I should be able to use "+1m" and "+1w" to skip a month or week. I can't seem to get the code working with anything other than "+1".


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you can use the same code you have. when you want one week do like this:


when you want one month you can do:

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Try using FireBug script debugging. Might be some JS exception being generated.

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