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I'm looking for your advice.

Initial situation:

  • we (at the moment 5 developers, 1 quality guy/documentation, 1 projectmanagement/organization) plan to do a small startup
  • we all earn our living with coding, but for better paid projects you'll have mostly no chance as one-man-show
  • located somewhere mostly in europe
  • we'll do clojure, php, perl, python and ruby development not only web apps
  • we'll do c coding for machine control etc.
  • all of use have different experience with editors, cvs and co.
  • we don't want to reinvent the wheel

What's the best way to organize:

  • the team's workflow?
  • time logging for invoices=
  • app staging -> developmen&repository / testing / deployment (own hosted and customer hosted systems)?
  • creating documentation (I would like to use vimwiki, but not all of us use vim. Actually we think about LaTeX and graphviz)?
  • Bug and issue tracking?
  • everyone should be granted the most degree of freedom in using tools he knows and likes, without shooting ourselfs in the foot

Please let me know:

  • where to find experience approved informations (Books, Tutorial, Best Practices, Urls, etc.)?
  • what experiences (good&bad) did you made?
  • exist professional courses which teach this topics?
  • is Scrum worth a test (no one of us has experience with Scrum)?
  • What do you think about timemangagement (e.g. Pomodoro etc.)?

I've read several posts on stackoverflow.com and superuser.com but up to now I did not get the puzzle...

I don't expect a out-of-the-box solution. I'm interested in your experiences and recommendations.

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I think you are asking a general question, in spite of that, you should cast a glance at software development process

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