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I'm getting started with embedded, and was thinking to start learning by implementing some sort of a clapper project where I detect audio and respond to it.

I have some specific questions, but since I'm new to this field, please add any additional advice

  • What audio libraries exist that could help with this type of project

  • What hardware do I need to actually detect the sound waves

  • I was considering an Arduino? Is this a good choice for this type of project?

  • I still haven't decided on the language (c or c++) but it will be influenced by the libraries available and the chip I use

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The arduino is a good entry point here. I see that there is already an arduino project using sound to trigger a digital camera which should answer most of your questions concerning libraries and hardware requirements - they have a download with circuit diagrams and arduino source code.

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For hardware, you typically want a microphone (or an audio input jack), with some amplifier and analog filter circuitry, connected to an analog input pin on a microcontroller.

You will need some driver software in the microcontroller to read input samples from the analog input.

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