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Writing Outlook 2010 AddIn in c#

How to find contacts where for example FullName like "Name"

First I tried

string filter = "[FullName] = 'Name'";

and it works fine but only for the Name, but now I need to find contacts where FullName can be JonName or Peter Pen or ...

As I uinderstood I should use spacial query string in filter, but what to write?

Outlook.MAPIFolder folderContacts;
Outlook.Items contactItems;
Outlook.ContactItem contact;

folderContacts = Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveExplorer().Session.

contactItems = folderContacts.Items;

string filter = "What should I write here?"; 
var foundContacts = contactItems.Find(filter);
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See the documentation.

string filter = "[FullName] ci_startswith  'Name'";

However, I highly recommend that you use the VSTO Power Tools (free download) instead; they will make your life much easier.

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string filter = "[FullName] ci_startswith 'Name'"; catch an exaption that it's impossible to analise, error in ci_startswith I tried to install VSTO Power Tools but installer say that can't find VS2008 - I use VS2010 What do do? – Janus Jul 19 '10 at 8:21

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