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Does Ruby stdlib have any objects that represent difference between two timestamps? Subtracting two Time object from each other returns a float number of seconds - is there any object for that, with methods like hours, minutes etc., and most of all decent to_s?

I've coded half-assed methods for that far too many time, am I doing it wrong?

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Why not write the class properly once and reuse every time you need it? – ezpz Jul 18 '10 at 13:52
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Not in the stdlib, but there is a Gem that you can use for the job - the duration gem.

sudo gem install duration

Which you can use like this:

require "duration"
a =
b =
duration = - a)
# => #<Duration: 5 seconds>
# => 5
# => 0

And days, hours, weeks and a bunch of other useful methods.

You can also then monkey-patch Time, Date and other date-time classes to return Duration objects.

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perhaps duration does help? Here is an announcement for it.

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There is a gem called time_diff which return a hash of difference in year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second

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