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Hi i need to remove % sign from file or image name in directory which string i use

$oldfile = "../wallpapers/temp-uploaded/".$file ;
$newfile = "../wallpapers/temp-uploaded/". trim( str_replace('%', '', $file));


But its not work reply me which string i use ( trim, str_replace not work preg_replace how can i use for remove &%$ etc reply back

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It could be an issue with other things as your logic seems correct. Firstly


should be:



$oldfile = "../wallpapers/temp-uploaded/".$file ;

should be:

$oldfile = '../wallpapers/temp-uploaded/'.$file ;

as there is no need for the extra interpolation. Will speed things up. Source: The PHP Benchmark (See "double (") vs. single (') quotes"). And here.

In regards to the problem, you have to do some proper debugging:

  • Does echo "[$oldfile][$newfile]"; look as expected
  • Make sure the folder and oldfile exists.
  • Does var_dump(file_exists($oldfile),file_exists($newfile)) output true, false
  • Does file_get_contents($oldfile); work?
  • Does file_put_contents($newfile, file_get_contents($oldfile));
  • Make sure you have write permissions for the folder. Typically chmod 777 will do.
  • Before the rename, perform: if ( file_exists($newfile) ) { unlink($newfile); } as you will have to delete the newfile if it exists, as you will be moving to it. Alternatively, you could append something to the filename if you do not want to do a replace. You get the idea.

In regards to the replace question.

As you have said you would like %xx values removed, it is probably best to decode them first:

$file = trim(urldecode($file));

You could use a regular expression then:

$newfile = '../wallpapers/temp-uploaded/'.preg_replace('/[\\&\\%\\$\\s]+/', '-', $file); // replace &%$ with a -

or if you want to be more strict:

$newfile = '../wallpapers/temp-uploaded/'.preg_replace('/[^a-zA-Z0-9_\\-\\.]+/', '-', $file); // find everything which is not your standard filename character and replace it with a -

The \\ are there to escape the regex character. Perhaps they are not needed for all the characters I've escaped, but history has proven you're better safe than sorry! ;-)

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i need this if %$# etc in image name then replace it to -or _ how do this? –  Hassan Jul 18 '10 at 14:32
@balupton: Why should double quotes be converted to single quotes? Double quotes are just as correct imo. –  Znarkus Jul 18 '10 at 15:09
@user395167 - I've updated the post to include regular expressions, this is the best way. You have the choice of just what you are after, and a more strict variation. @Znarkus. I've updated the post to include the reason why, and a source for reference. –  balupton Jul 18 '10 at 15:30
But its not remove % from file or image file name image file name is 5035%2C.jpg how to remove Percatage sign? –  Hassan Jul 18 '10 at 16:05
I think you can figure that one out yourself @user395167 ;-) You've got more than enough to material to figure it out. Wouldn't be much of an educator if I just give you all the answers now would I? :-) –  balupton Jul 18 '10 at 17:21
$file = trim($file);
$oldfile = "../wallpapers/temp-uploaded/".$file ;
$newfile = "../wallpapers/temp-uploaded/".str_replace('%', '', $file);

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To replace &%$ in the filename (or any string), I would use preg_replace.

$file = 'file%&&$$$name';
echo preg_replace('/[&%$]+/', '-', $file);

This will output file-name. Note that with this solution, many consecutive blacklisted characters will result in just one -. This is a feature ;-)

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