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How do you plot bar charts in gnuplot with text labels?

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You can also do this:

bar graph

set boxwidth 0.5
set style fill solid
plot "data.dat" using 1:3:xtic(2) with boxes


0 label       100
1 label2      450
2 "bar label" 75

If you want to style your bars differently, you can do something like:

multi color bar graph

set style line 1 lc rgb "red"
set style line 2 lc rgb "blue"

set style fill solid
set boxwidth 0.5

plot "data.dat" every ::0::0 using 1:3:xtic(2) with boxes ls 1, \
     "data.dat" every ::1::2 using 1:3:xtic(2) with boxes ls 2

Note: you will have to add a couple other basic commands to get the same effect as the sample images.

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plot "data.dat" using 2: xtic(1) with histogram

Here data.dat contains data of the form

title 1
title2 3
"long title" 5
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I recommend Derek Bruening's bar graph generator Perl script. Available at http://www.burningcutlery.com/derek/bargraph/

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