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I think the fixed 6x13 font, FixedMedium6x13.dfont, the default in X11, is the best programming font. All the others that people gush about (Consolas, Inconsolata, Proggy, Monaco) just aren't as compact (without sacrificing readability). Or maybe I just like it. For the purposes of this question, assume we want nothing less than the X11 fixed 6x13 experience.

In Terminal.app you can choose that font at size 13 and line spacing 0.8 and it matches the standard X11 font (the one xterms, for example, use by default) perfectly.

My problem is the line spacing of 0.8. Eclipse, for example, doesn't support changing the line spacing. (Does your favorite editor support this? TextMate? Aquamacs?)

So I'm hoping someone somewhere has made a version of 6x13 with less whitespace so that the line spacing doesn't have to be changed. Have you? Perhaps that's easy to do with FontForge and I may resort to trying that if necessary. If a 500 point bounty would motivate you to do it, say the word and you're on!

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Is there a programming-related question in there somewhere? –  Gabe Jul 18 '10 at 14:56
It's a hot topic for programmers (see similar popular questions). I'll edit the question to be clear that I'm talking about programming fonts. Thanks for the reminder. –  dreeves Jul 18 '10 at 15:01
Modify Eclipse! –  Yuji Jul 18 '10 at 16:33
Needs to be CW ? –  Paul R Jul 18 '10 at 21:26
TextMate seems to also not support customizing the line spacing. Is there any program besides Terminal.app that supports it? –  dreeves Jul 20 '10 at 18:25

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Line height can be adjusted in TextMate with a terminal trick:

defaults write com.macromates.textmate OakLineHeightDelta -integer

Where negative integers will tighten up the line height. Default=0. You probably want something in the range of -1 to -3.

I personally like the very dense font "M+ 1m" that comes with the new Kod text editor which definitely needs the line hight adjusted. Hopefully it doesn't make me go blind.

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Looks like -2 makes it precisely match the xterm font! Thanks so much for this; it's been bothering me for a long time. –  dreeves May 30 '11 at 15:21

Do not tempt the Font gods on this issue - Eclipse on Mac is a text-rendering abomination and should not be subject to fixed-width fonts. Step away from the Font Preferences page.

j/k. Have not tried but might work well for you: http://eclim.org/

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Thanks David! Someone else suggested modifying Eclipse. Maybe better is to ditch it altogether. –  dreeves Jul 19 '10 at 20:35

I've had a similar problem with macvim. The solution was to add:

set linespace=-3

to my .vimrc file.

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This is the only version of fixed6x13 (in TrueType form so that it will work in any program, though obviously it will not look good when scaled to non-even multiples) that anyone has made that works without any adjustments across all operating systems. (I made it myself after many years of anguish over the same issue, converted from Markus Kuhn's fixed6x13 ucs-fonts distribution.)

Please enjoy/share/mirror all over the place.

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Awesome; thank you! These days I use SublimeText and it seems to get the line spacing right without any adjustment. Do you think your version of the font may still be better? –  dreeves Apr 16 at 17:51
I believe so--I was unable to find a version that both contained the full set of glyphs and rendered correctly on Windows (particularly it was hard to get PuTTY to do the right thing) as well as OS X (in Terminal, Carbon/Aqua Emacs, etc.). –  mdl Apr 16 at 18:04

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