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How to extract emails address from a string using perl and to put the email addres into a variable? My strings looks like

Ben Tailor <>,, Ben Tailor <>

I tryed this

$string ="Ben Tailor <>";
$string =~ /\b([^\s]+@[^\s]+)\b/g ;
print $string;

And the Out put xas:

Ben Tailor <>

Someone have an Idea?

Fixed using



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It would output the same as the input string because all you did was perform a regex match against it then output the string again. You didn't use the captured part $1 or substitue replace s///g; – dalton Jul 18 '10 at 16:44
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Start with It seems to work pretty well.

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Take a look at Email::Address or Email::AddressParser from cpan

 my @addrs = Email::Address->parse(
    q[me@local, Tony <me@local>, "Tony" <me@local>]

This returns a list of Email::Address objects it finds in the input string.

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