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So I am getting this error for one of my routes. I'am running Rails v2.3.8 + Mongrel 1.1.5. Does rails support only GET & POST??

ActionController::MethodNotAllowed (Only get and post requests are allowed.):

The route defined in my routes.rb is -

map.connect "#{base_url}/r/:id/rate?v=:value&u=:user_id", :conditions => { :method => :put }, :controller => 'mycontroller', :action => 'myaction'
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No, Rails supports all standard HTTP methods (GET POST PUT DELETE). Show the rest of your routes.rb - it might be hitting the wrong route. –  Jamie Wong Jul 18 '10 at 18:28

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It does not mean that Rails support only these two methods. It means, that route that matched request (by URL) did not match any controller method (by http method).

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