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How can I post a full URL in PHP?

For example:

I have a form allowing individuals to submit a long url. The resultant page is /index.php?url=http://www.example.com/

This is fine for short URLs, but for very long and complex URLs (like those from Google Maps) I need to know how to keep all of the data associated with variable url.

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I was originally thinking of surrounding the URL with braces or brackets or something, but that doesn't seem to work. – ServAce85 Jul 18 '10 at 19:56
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You need to percent encode the string — otherwise characters which have special meaning in URIs will have that special meaning instead of being treated as data.


If users submit this data via a form, then it will be automatically encoded.

If you plan to include the URI in a link in an HTML document, then don't forget to convert special characters to HTML entities.

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perfect, thanks – ServAce85 Jul 18 '10 at 20:04

You sort of answer your own question:

How can I post a full URL in PHP?

If very long URLs are getting truncated by the users' browsers, your only option is to re-work your system to POST the URL to your script, as opposed to passing it in the query string.

If there is some condition that frustrates the use of a POST request, you should update your question with more detail about what your system does.

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thanks for the response – ServAce85 Jul 18 '10 at 20:13

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