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I would like to know if I can invoke watir and have it tunnel through a proxy. And If i can change this proxy at runtime and also if I can set the proxy for each instance (when runnnig multiple instances/tests). I pretty much intend to use firefox.

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If you were thinking about running multiple instances you could try the watirgrid gem (I'm the author of that one, disclaimer :-)

In terms of running through a proxy, and because you're using firefox, then you could try something with watir-webdriver with the selenium server jar

So start your selenium server:

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.0b1.jar

Your code would look like this:

require 'watir-webdriver'
b =, :url => "", :desired_capabilities => :firefox)

where (the selenium server) could possibly be changed via a reverse-proxy ... I haven't really tried it. You wouldn't really need to anyway.

You could just have N remote servers and call each of their remote urls direct as shown above... Or just use watirgrid if you're looking to parallelize / distribute your tests in a slightly easier fashion =)

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