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I'm trying to practice some data mining algorithms using hadoop. Can I do this with HDFS alone, or do I need to use the sub-projects like hive/hbase/pig?

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I've found a university site with some exercises and solutions for MapReduce that build only on Hadoop:

Additionally there are courses from Yahoo and Google:

All these courses work on plain Hadoop, to answer your question.

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+1 for yahoo. Id take the simple yahoo tutorials and expand on them. Make the input files MUCH bigger, change the map/reduce functions, go from a single instance to a small cluster and continually expand on what you have done previously. –  Ralph Willgoss Jul 20 '10 at 7:08

Start with plain mapreduce at beginner level. You can try Pig/Hive/Hbase at the next level.

You will not be able appreciate Pig/Hive/Hbase unless you struggle enough to use plain map reduce

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+1. It defiantly is worth the pain. –  sholsapp Aug 18 '10 at 23:00

I would also recommend the umd site. However it looks like you are completely new to Hadoop. I woudl recommend the book "Hadoop: THe Definant Guide" by Tom White. Its a bit dated [meant for the 0.18 version, rather than the latest 0.20+). Read it, do the examples and you should be at a better place to judge how to structure your project.

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I'm trying to practice some data mining algorithms using hadoop.

Use Apache mahout which runs on top of Hadoop. [][1]

Can I do this with HDFS alone, or do I need to use the sub-projects like hive/hbase/pig?

HDFS is a file system of hadoop. It stands for Hadoop distributed file system. No matter what tool you are going to use in Hadoop stack, they should process the data which is in the distributed environment. So, you can't do anything just with HDFS. You need any of the computation technicques/tools like Map Reduce, Pig, Hive and etc.

Hope this helps!

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You could also use Mahout

It is a machine-learning and data-mining library that can be used on top of Hadoop.

In general Mahout currently supports (taken from Mahout site):

  • Collaborative Filtering
  • User and Item based recommenders
  • K-Means, Fuzzy K-Means clustering
  • Mean Shift clustering
  • Dirichlet process clustering
  • Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  • Singular value decomposition
  • Parallel Frequent Pattern mining
  • Complementary Naive Bayes classifier
  • Random forest decision tree based classifier
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Hadoop is a tool for Distributed/parallel data processing. Mahout is a data mining/ machine learning framework that can work standalone mode as well as in Hadoop distribution environment. The decision to use it as standalone or with Hadoop boils down to the size of the historical data that needs to be mined. If the data size is of the order of Terabytes and Petabytes, you typically use Mahout with Hadoop.

Mahout supports 3 machine Learning algorithms, recommendation, clustering and classification. Mahout in action book by manning does a very good job of explaining this. Weka is another similar open source projects. All these come under a category called machine learning frameworks.

Refer to the blog which talks about a use case about how Mahout and Hadoop distributed file system works? As a precursor to this, there is also a blog on Component architecture of how each of these tools fit together for a data mining problem in Hadoop /Mahout ecosystem.

I hope it help.

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