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I want to use syntax highlighting for clojure in emacs + slime + clojure.

So I did following step.

  1. run clojure box
  2. M-x clojure-mode in slime-repl clojure
  3. syntax highlighting is success.

But repl is not working. I expect a result of 3. But cursor blinks. repl no response.

user> (+ 1 2)

-K\**_   *slime-repl clojure*   All L6     (Clojure Slime[clojure])----------

REPL suspected feature is turned off.

Thanks in advance.

BR ChangMin Jeon

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Here's a Gist with my coloured REPL setup for Clojure (prepared a while ago in response to an SO question... I'm really grateful for the prod to the person who asked that one!). Notice how it uses defadvice to alter the behaviour of SLIME's REPL, rather than changing the major mode in the REPL buffer.

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