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I have a primary build file that is managed through source control. It contains a project <Import> that adds a project that contains settings unique to the local environment. I want to add a temporary project to my copy of the local project file, so I have the following.

Primary Build File:

  <Import Project="LocalOptions.xml" />

    <CatalogProject Include="$(SolutionRoot)\MainProject\MainProject.vbproj"/>


Local Project File:


    <CatalogProject Include="$(SolutionRoot)\LocalProject\LocalProject.vbproj"/>


My problem is that my temporary project depends on one of the projects referenced in the primary build file. But, my temporary file appears before the dependent file in the <ItemGroup> list.

How can I alter the local project file so that my project file is the last file in the list?

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Why don't you import LocalOptions.xml at the end of the file after CatalogProject declaration? It'll solve your problem.

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True, this will solve the problem. Unfortunately, LocalOptions.xml has a role to set properties that are used by the targets in the Primary Build file. But, your suggestion made me think that I can add another file that is imported at the end of the Primary Build file. Thanks. – bobs Jul 19 '10 at 16:16

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