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could you guys point me to some really simple silverlight or wpf sample project where the usage of the MVVM is showed

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You might be interested in the sample applications of the WPF Application Framework (WAF). They show:

  • View composition

  • UI Workflow (Wizards)

  • Command binding / Shortcut Keys

  • MVVM pattern, Unit Testing

  • Validation

  • Entity Framework

  • Open/Save FileDialog

  • Print Preview / Print Dialog

  • Localization
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Disclaimer: These are some MVVM examples I have built...

Here is a Twitter search app example showing the same ball-of-mud in comparison to MVVM. Here is a slightly more complex conference schedule app showing MVVM pretty heavily.

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Have a look at Josh Smiths article and app in MVVM WPF, or have a a look at Sacha Barber's application Cinch V.2, again, a really good app with brilliant explanations. I reckon start with Josh smiths and then on to Cinch.

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it's a cool app, but it's not that simple, and I don't understand where is the usage of mvvm – Omu Jul 19 '10 at 6:19

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