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In order to view changes or diffs between commits, i use the following from the command line:

svn diff -r 3000:3025 > daychanges.diff

I want to modify the command so that it generates diffs between successive commits, concatenates them and outputs to file, something like

svn diff -r 3000:3001 > daychanges.diff
svn diff -r 3001:3002 >> daychanges.diff
svn diff -r 3002:3003 >> daychanges.diff
svn diff -r 3019:3020 >> daychanges.diff

how can i write such a script?

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You forgot to say what you're running svn in. –  Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Jul 19 '10 at 6:07
i dont totally understand your comment. i am running svn for tracking a project, and using ubuntu OS. –  umar Jul 19 '10 at 6:15
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You can write for loops in bash:


Given that, it shouldn't be all that difficult to write a script that calls svn diff over a range of commits.

In a single line command, that could be run from the CLI:

for ((start=3000,finish=3001; finish<=3025; start++,finish++)); do svn diff -r $start:$finish; done > out.file

or if you prefer, the shorter version,

for ((i=3000; i<3025; i++)); do svn diff -r $i:$(($i + 1)); done > out.file

In a multi-line script:


for ((start=$begin,finish=$begin+1; finish <= $end; start++,finish++))
    svn diff -r $start:$finish
done > $outfile

(Omit the > $outfile if you just want to manually direct the output of the script.)

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i havent run your version yet, but i wrote svn diff -r $(i):$(($i+1)) >> file inside the loop, and it works. thanks –  umar Jul 19 '10 at 6:42
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Should be something like:


first=$(($1 + 1))
for i in `seq $first $last`
    svn diff -r $(($a - 1)):$a
done > daychanges.diff


./diffs.sh 3000 3020
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This script will parse the 'svn log' output for the commit numbers and diff the whole shebang (pardon the pun).. if you want to limit the commit range supply that in one argument eg, "-r88833:HEAD" ... no spaces:

unset last;
for r in `svn log $1|grep '^r'|awk '{print$1}'|sed -e 's/r//g'|sort`;do 
    if [ ! -v last ]; then 
    echo ------------------------;
    echo diff  $last:$r ; 
    echo ------------------------; 
    svn diff -r$last:$r;last=$r;
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