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I would like to draw lines (of arbitrary position and length) onto a surface in pygame, which itself is an image loaded from a file on disk.

Can anyone point me to some example code that does this?

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This should do what you're asking for:

# load the image
image = pygame.image.load("some_image.png")

# draw a yellow line on the image
pygame.draw.line(image, (255, 255, 0), (0, 0), (100, 100))

Typically you don't draw to the original image, since you'll have to reload the image to get the original back (or create a copy of it before you start drawing onto it). Perhaps what you actually need is something more like this:

# initialize pygame and screen
import pygame
screen = pygame.display.set_mode((720, 576))

# Draw the image to the screen
screen.blit(image, (0, 0))

# Draw a line on top of the image on the screen
pygame.draw.line(screen, (255, 255, 255), (0, 0), (50, 50))
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Help on module pygame.draw in pygame:

NAME pygame.draw - pygame module for drawing shapes

FILE d:\program files\python25\lib\site-packages\pygame\draw.pyd

FUNCTIONS aaline(...) pygame.draw.aaline(Surface, color, startpos, endpos, blend=1): return Rect draw fine antialiased lines

    pygame.draw.aalines(Surface, color, closed, pointlist, blend=1): return Rect

    pygame.draw.arc(Surface, color, Rect, start_angle, stop_angle, width=1): return Rect
    draw a partial section of an ellipse

    pygame.draw.circle(Surface, color, pos, radius, width=0): return Rect
    draw a circle around a point

    pygame.draw.ellipse(Surface, color, Rect, width=0): return Rect
    draw a round shape inside a rectangle

    pygame.draw.line(Surface, color, start_pos, end_pos, width=1): return Rect
    draw a straight line segment

    pygame.draw.lines(Surface, color, closed, pointlist, width=1): return Rect
    draw multiple contiguous line segments

    pygame.draw.polygon(Surface, color, pointlist, width=0): return Rect
    draw a shape with any number of sides

    pygame.draw.rect(Surface, color, Rect, width=0): return Rect
    draw a rectangle shape
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