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I need to select a particular Node name in the XML file using sql string?

Sample XML structure

      <Car>  // This can be "Bike", "ship", "Train"... ect
       <name value="figo"/>

I want to run a query which which will fetch what Node name is present in XML "car" or "Train" or "Bike".. etc.

Select * from TableA where.....?

TableA has column "Message" of type CLOB which stores the XML.


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You can cast the CLOB type to XMLTYPE (or consider using an XMLTYPE column on the table). When dealing with XMLTYPEs you can then run XPATHs e.g:

SELECT extractvalue(xml_col, '/*/Body/*/name/@value')

or extract for xml fragments.

EDIT: changed the 'Car' to * in XPath, having re-read the question.

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