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I read an article from the web on SL4A (which is also known as Android Scripting Environment).

The site from where i got an article is: http://infoworld.com/d/developer-world/php-development-comes-google-android-652

But i got the theorical knowledge only for SL4A (ASE)....

Anybody having practical idea or practical example, pls suggest to me.

  1. Which are the scripting language supported by ASE?
  2. How do i download script ?
  3. How do i use script?
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By default when you install the scripting environment you have shell scripting available (like bash). You can then install other languages as well. Currently it supports Python, Perl, JRuby, Lua, Javascript, Beanshell and Tcl.

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I found some Articles explaining regarding writing scripting languages in Android:

  1. examle on ASE
  2. Python, JRuby on the Android Platform in 10 Steps
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See http://android-scripting.googlecode.com/

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@Damon...ya i have referred this site...but dont know about which scripting language we can implement...or any practical example!! –  Paresh Mayani Jul 21 '10 at 4:33

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