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I'd like to convert the following SQL query:

select * from region_tree country left outer join region_tree region   
on country.REG_CODE_PAR=region.REG_CODE  
and region.LFT < country.LFT   
and region.RGT > country.RGT  
and region.REG_CODE_PAR = 'ALL'  

into JPA Crtieria based query.

I created an entity to represent the self join:

@Table(name = "REGION_TREE")  
public class RegionTree implements Serializable {  
    ... some other attributes  

    @JoinColumn(name = "REG_CODE_PAR")  
    private RegionTree region;   

    ... getters and setters  

I used the following code to create the JPA query

CriteriaBuilder cb = em.getCriteriaBuilder();  
CriteriaQuery<RegionTree> cq = cb.createQuery(RegionTree.class);  
Root<RegionTree> e = cq.from(RegionTree.class);  
Join<RegionTree, RegionTree> r = e.join("region", JoinType.LEFT);  
Predicate p1 = cb.greaterThan(e.get("lft").as(Integer.class), r.get("lft").as(Integer.class));  
Predicate p2 = cb.lessThan(e.get("rgt").as(Integer.class), r.get("rgt").as(Integer.class));  
Predicate p3 = cb.equal(e.get("statusCode"), "A");  
Predicate p4 = cb.equal(r.get("statusCode"), "A");  
Predicate p5 = cb.equal(r.get("regCodePar"), "ALL");  
TypedQuery<RegionTree> tq = em.createQuery(cq);  
l = tq.getResultList();`

This is the query automatically generated by Hibernate when I run this piece of code.

regiontree0_.REG_CODE as REG1_7_,  
regiontree0_.LFT as LFT7_,  
regiontree0_.NAME as NAME7_,  
regiontree0_.REG_CODE_PAR as REG4_7_,  
regiontree0_.RGT as RGT7_,  
regiontree0_.STATUS_CODE as STATUS6_7_   
REGION_TREE regiontree0_   
left outer join  
REGION_TREE regiontree1_   
on regiontree0_.REG_CODE_PAR=regiontree1_.REG_CODE   
cast(regiontree0_.LFT as integer)>cast(regiontree1_.LFT as integer)   
and cast(regiontree0_.RGT as integer)<cast(regiontree1_.RGT as integer)   
and regiontree0_.STATUS_CODE=?   
and regiontree1_.STATUS_CODE=?   
and regiontree1_.REG_CODE_PAR=?  

I've tried a number of ways including removing the cq.where line of code but the generated query can't match my original one. Have I configured anything wrong?

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Apparently, JPA 2.0 does not support extra ON conditions. It is planned for 2.1. You can do it by using Hibernate's API directly. –  Thilo Nov 1 '13 at 8:59
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Try invoking cq.select(r); after creating a join. Without cq.select() the result of the last cq.from() call is used as a selection root.

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