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I've found that httplib.HTTPSConnection doesn't perform an automatic server certificate check. As far as I've understood the problem, I need to add that functionality manually, e.g. by subclassing this class as described here.

As I'm using Python2.4.5 and an upgrade is not possible under the given circumstances, I cannot use the workaround given in this blog post, because the ssl module has not been introduced until Py2.6.

I've been trying to avoid the usage of the ssl module by using M2Crypto. A promising approach for doing so is contained in this blog post (in the "Clients" section). But I haven't yet managed to override httplib.HTTPSConnection.connect appropriately by using that approach.

Any ideas or hints?

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Try this site maybe:

It requires SSL but doesn't require the Python SSL module. It only requires Open SSL library.

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Thanks, that's pretty close, but I still can't figure out how to implement the connect method from this. – Johannes Charra Jul 28 '10 at 6:49

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