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Can someone give me some example code that creates a surface with a transparent background in pygame?

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This should do it:

image = pygame.Surface([640,480], pygame.SRCALPHA, 32)
image = image.convert_alpha()

Make sure that the color depth (32) stays explicitly set else this will not work.

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You can also give it a colorkey, much like GIF file transparency. This is the most common way to make sprites. The original bitmap has the artwork, and has a certain color as background that will not be drawn, which is the colorkey:

surf.set_colorkey((255,0,255)) // Sets the colorkey to that hideous purple

Surfaces that uses colorkey instead of alpha are a lot faster to blit since they don't require any blend math. The SDL surface uses a simple bitmask when it has a colorkey set, which blits practically without overhead.

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