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Please let me know how can I configure jetty server to run from eclipse IDE? Also, suggest me some good plugins for the same. I downloaded jetty launcher but not able create new configuration with it. Please help.

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The best way I found to run Jetty from eclipse (and debug, etc.) was this :

Basically, you create a java project, put jetty's code in it, create a context file in jetty/contexts that points to your web application, and Run as Java application.

No need for a plugin.

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With Eclipse Kepler, I found two plugins, "Eclipse Jetty" and "Run Jetty Run" in the market place.

I tried "Run Jetty Run" first but couldn't make it work (css file didn't load), but with "Eclipse Jetty", it worked out of the box for my project.

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I have followed the below steps to set up Jetty server in my eclipse:

(1) Download the 'net.sourceforge.eclipsejetty.launcher' jar (plugin) from the below URL:

(2) Copy the downloaded jar file to your eclipse 'plugins' folder (Example: C:\eclipse-jee-luna\plugins)

(3) Restart Eclipse

(4) Go to Eclipse Workspace -> Right click on your web project -> Run -> Run Configurations > Jetty Web App > Set the 'WebApp Directory' > Click on Run

enter image description here

After following the above steps, I am able to successfully deploy & run my web project using Jetty Server in Eclipse.

I hope this is helpful and easy to set up.

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