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I have NavBar (navigation) like we have in Outlook for the Mail, calander, Tasks etc., when we click each button we get different view (mail detail, calander detail, To do list et.c), this kind of functionality I want to achieve in my Application by NavBar.

Which control is best for the showing the Content for the each navigation button click?

I only get the examples for the Navbar creation not for the Diffrent view management for each item click.

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I believe the "different forms" you say are those User Control. Basically: you have many user controls, each one act like a view. You can choose to bind them to any control in your main form. This is called MDI (Multiple Document Interface).

Example: You can choose to bind them to a whole Main Form, or just one control in it, like a Group Control. With the navBar in the main form, you can make the link item to fire the function used to display any user control you have.

To answer your question, I believe the Group Control is best for displaying the content of each user control.

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