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I'm pretty new to wicket and I'm trying to create a simple wicket tree that holds information about mailinglists. This mailinglist is related to a certain letter.

  • MailingListDto 1
    • User 1
    • User 2
  • MailingListDto 2
    • User 3
    • User 4

If we are editing an existing letter, the mailinglists related to that letter are fetched into mailingListCollection and the corresponding nodes on the tree should be selected and expanded. For some reason I don't seem to get this workin.

The selected and expanded nodes do not show as selected nor expanded in the UI, but if I go through the selected nodes programmatically for example in onAfterRender() and log the selected and expanded values, the nodes are expanded and selected.

    tree = new TreeTable("treeTable", treeModel, treeColumns) {
            public void onBeforeRender() {
                if (!mailingListCollection.isEmpty()) {
                    for (MailingListDto mailingList : mailingListCollection) {
                        tree.getTreeState().selectNode(mailingList, true);

            protected void onAfterRender() {
                if (LOG.isDebugEnabled()) {
                    LOG.debug("onAfterRender: " + tree.getTreeState().getSelectedNodes().size());
                    for (Object obj : tree.getTreeState().getSelectedNodes()) {
                        LOG.debug(tree.getTreeState().isNodeSelected(obj) + "  " + tree.getTreeState().isNodeExpanded(obj));

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You may want to take this to the mailing list - I've never used the tree components and very few wicket users seem to use SO. – ireddick Jul 28 '10 at 21:04
Ever come up with a solution for this after? I'm having a similar problem. – psicopoo Apr 27 '11 at 13:44
As we didn't find a suitable solution for the TreeTable we ended up using a completely different approach. – Sand May 17 '11 at 5:49

To expand only the root node of your tree:

Object rootObj = myTree.getModelObject().getRoot();

To expand also the first child of the root node add the following line to the previous ones:

myTree.getTreeState().expandNode(myTree.getModelObject().getChild(rootObj, 0));

Note that you have to expand all parent nodes of the "target" node otherwise on the screen the target node will be hidden because of a collapsed parent.

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wicket 1.5.10

wicket 6

Look at source code. In class is a method expandAll(). is used in private class is used in

So a simple solution, when init your tree (in, could be:

FooExansionModel model = new FooExpansionModell()

tree = createTree(provider, model);


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