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I know I might not get any help here, but I've been on this all day and starting to loose my mind.

Here's the thing: no matter the method I choose I can't ask the user for the extended permission publish_stream from my Facebook-connected website since last thursday (it was working perfectly fine before and I made 0 changes to the code since then). I also looked for any changes in the API but couldn't find any.

I can ask for any other permissions, but if I try to add stream_publish to the list it doesn't work. There is no error or anything, it just doesn't ask for the permission.

Any idea on what the problem could be?

Also: a link to a related bug on the FB bugtracker.

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It was and has always been called publish_stream and not stream_publish. The set of permission/scope names are documented here: It works as expected when I try it:

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