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I have a problem with html-objects that moving when I´m dragging them, you know the transparent "ghost" -copy of the element that appears when you holding down the mouse and drag it. My problem is that it interrupt my mouse event. I have a image that should be able to move inside a div when you draging it with the mouse. I have to events for that, first one for mousedown that trigger mousemove-event, mousemove handles the movement of the image. mousedown is no problem but when I´m moving the mouse with the button down the transparent "ghost" - copy of the elements appear and interrupt my mousemove-event. Is that any one how knows how to get around or fix this thing?

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Could you provide a sample?

From what it sounds like, the first thing to check is that the events are actually being hit. Writing messages out to console whenever each event fires should help prove or disprove that the events are occurring as-expected.

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