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I want to add a (where) condition in hibernate mapping file when fetching, how could i do that for example fetch="select" where id != 1 ,am not using annotations also, so please specify within the mapping (hbm) files.

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According to the Hibernate documentation, you can specify a where clause when mapping a collection:

6.2. Collection mappings

(...) The <map> element is representative:

    name="propertyName"                                         (1)
    table="table_name"                                          (2)
    schema="schema_name"                                        (3)
    lazy="true|extra|false"                                     (4)
    inverse="true|false"                                        (5)
    sort="unsorted|natural|comparatorClass"                     (7)
    order-by="column_name asc|desc"                             (8)
    where="arbitrary sql where condition"                       (9)
    fetch="join|select|subselect"                               (10)
    batch-size="N"                                              (11)
    access="field|property|ClassName"                           (12)
    optimistic-lock="true|false"                                (13)
    mutable="true|false"                                        (14)

    <key .... />
    <map-key .... />
    <element .... />


(9) where (optional): specifies an arbitrary SQL WHERE condition that is used when retrieving or removing the collection. This is useful if the collection needs to contain only a subset of the available data.

This is also supported at the <class> level.

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Could you please give me a simple example using it, i tried to search for clear example but i can't find, am mapping a set and want to run clause WHERE ID != 1, regards –  Amr Faisal Jul 19 '10 at 16:16
@Amr Well, what do you get when using where="id != 1", what query gets generated? –  Pascal Thivent Jul 19 '10 at 16:20
ok all what i gonna say is you helped me for the second time in row, your answer is just perfect and it was my fault applying it, many thanks for your support –  Amr Faisal Jul 19 '10 at 16:31

You could perhaps define a <filter> in the mapping file, and attach it to the class mapping definition. See the docs for examples.

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it needs a lot of configuration, and also to be enabled from code, is there another way to do that? –  Amr Faisal Jul 19 '10 at 14:46

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