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Within the context of a module, how can you determine what theme is loaded for the current user?


Neither of these are any good because they seem to only work in the template.php of a theme.

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If users are allowed to select a theme for themselves, the theme they selected is saved in $user->theme, where $user is the user object. The global variable $custom_theme contains the name of the theme currently set, if a module has set a custom theme.

The following snippet saves in $current_theme the name of the theme currently active:

global $custom_theme, $theme, $user;

if (!empty($user->theme)) {
  $current_theme = $user->theme;
elseif (!empty($custom_theme)) {
  $current_theme = $custom_theme;
else {
  $current_theme = $theme ? $theme : variable_get('theme_default', 'garland');
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path_to_theme should work just fine, I tested it on two Drupal installs, and both worked. If the theme has not been initialized yet, path_to_theme will do that, which is what Drupal uses internally to set different global theme variables like $theme_path, which is the variable you are looking for.

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Hm, that gave me the module path when I tried it a few days ago –  Kevin Jul 19 '10 at 15:08
@googletorp, nope - it depends upon the scope when path_to_theme() is called. From the docs: > when invoked within the scope of a theming call it will depend on > where the theming function is handled. If implemented from a module, > it will point to the module. If implemented from the active theme, it > will point to the active theme >Source: Drupal API –  user1287384 Mar 27 '12 at 23:42

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