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is it possible to return an array that contains an array and hash from a method in ruby?


def something
array_new = [another_thing, another_thing_2]
hash_map = get_hash()

return [array_new, hash_map]


and to retrieve the array:

some_array, some_hash = something()


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Sure, that's perfectly possible and works exactly as in your example.

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You will only ever be able to return one thing. What you are returning there is an array containing an array and a hash.

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yes i know, i phrased the question wrong, sorry. so would i be able to return the array containing an array and hash map? – Mo. Jul 19 '10 at 15:36
Yes you would. Type irb on the command line for an awesome little scratchpad to try stuff out. Just keep a browser open to the API as well ;) – maletor Jul 19 '10 at 15:54

Ruby methods can be treated as if they return multiple values so you can collect the items in an array or return them as separate objects.

def something
  array_new =
  hash_new =
  return array_new, hash_new

a, b = something
a.class # Array
b.class # Hash

c = something
c.class # Array
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