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Weblogic packages rhino classes inside weblogic.jar.

I need newer version of rhino js.jar.

If I just distribute the newer rhino js jar like any other third party jar, it does not get loaded, because the older classes inside weblogic.jar are loaded first.

How can I load classes from my custom js.jar in weblogic 10?

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You also change CLASSPATH(startWebLogic), PRE_CLASSPATH(setDomainEnv) in server start batchs to make your custom class to be used instead WLogic's.

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Ok, it seems to be easy with weblogic-application.xml, just add configuration in following form:


It looks like for at least Weblogic 12c that the above format doesn't work. You have to leave out the .*'s like so:


A 12c example can be seen in the Weblogic 12c documentation.

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