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This is what I am ultimately trying to achieve:

//When the user clicks the liveshow button this happens
    $(".liveshow-button").live('click', function() {
        if ($(".liveshowDiv2").css('display') == 'none') {
            $(".liveshowDiv2").fadeOut(ifadeOutSpeed, function() {
                $('#wrapper-div').animate({ height: $('.liveshowDiv1').height() + "px" }, iresizeSpeed, function() {
                    $('.liveshowDiv1').fadeIn(ifadeInSpeed, function() {
        else {
            alert('This never gets displayed');

Basically I want to toggle between liveShowDiv1 being displayed and hidden when you click this button. But since other things on the page can make liveShowDiv1 hidden, I can't just make a toggle function to do this. I have to check somehow to see if liveShowDiv1 is being displayed or not.

When it not displayed: display = none

When it is showing display is not in the style tag at all

How can I tell in JQuery when this div is displayed?

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if ( $(this).is(':visible') ) should work for this relatively simple show/hide.

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I swear I knew that at some point in time. Surprised I coudldn't figure it out on google. –  Blankasaurus Jul 21 '10 at 17:03

Sometime need to check that div is block or none. We can do this very easily . This is simple code For checking Block

    1.if ( $('#test').is(':visible') )

    2.if($('#test').css('display') == 'block')


For checking none



3.if ($('#test').css('display') == 'none')


for more information

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You can try this:



if ($('#element_id').is(":visible") ) {
    // do something
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