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i am learning gwt and i'm getting troubles trying to do a query No source code is available for type [package.Class]; did you forget to inherit a required module?

i dont understand very well how works a module

do i have to write a module for each class?

i just wanna call a class to insert data

Thanks for advance

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How do you expect to work with GWT if you don't understand such basic terms (in GWT) like modules? Please head to the official docs (code.google.com/webtoolkit/overview.html) and start from the beginning - don't skip ahead or it will bite you in the end. Or you'll end up writing some code worthy of DailyWTF ;) –  Igor Klimer Jul 19 '10 at 22:20

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GWT is ultimately compiled into Javascript. It's not possible to make a direct JDBC connection from Javascript. Therefore, to make a database connection, you'll have to communicate with a server.

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In order to connect database you should learn RPC after you learn it,you can create a class which can service class which implemtent like that

public class ExampleServiceImpl  extends RemoteServiceServlet implements ExampleService{

//private Connection con=null;
    private String status;
    private String url="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test";
    private String user="test";
    private String pass = "";
    private  Person people;
    private ResultSet resultSet=null;
    private Statement stm=null;
    private Connection con=null;

    private Statement stm2=null;
    private Connection conn2=null;
     private ResultSet resultSet2=null;
    private MySqlConnection conn=new MySqlConnection();

public Person getPerson(String name,String surname,int password) {
    Person personinfo=new Person();

    ResultSet resultSet=null;
    Statement stm=null;
    Connection con=null;

     MySqlConnection conn=new MySqlConnection();     
      con = conn.getConnection();

        stm = ((Connection) con).createStatement();

     String sorgu = "SELECT * FROM person";

        resultSet = stm.executeQuery(sorgu);

     String sql = "INSERT INTO person " +
               "VALUES ("+ password +", '" + name+ "','" + surname + "')";


        ((Connection) con).setAutoCommit(false);

        ((Connection) con).commit();

    return personinfo;

In this code you can insert a person object to database

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