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I am interested in a way to programmatically log into OWA (Microsoft Outlook Web Access - a web-based email client) from Java code and retrieve nothing more than the inbox unread count -- I can read this number from the inbox web page's HTML source - but the problem is getting there - logging in.

Essentially, from looking at the HTML source of the OWA logon page, I can see that there is an HTML form element:

<form action="owaauth.dll" method="POST" name="logonForm" autocomplete="off"> 

that gets submitted by a button element within it:

<input type="submit" class="btn" value="Log On" onclick="clkLgn()"> 

From investigating the clkLgn() script, I find that it sends a cookie to the document so it may not be crucial:

function clkLgn()
        var oD=new Date();
        var sA="acc="+(gbid("chkBsc").checked?1:0);
        var sL="lgn="+gbid("username").value;

Basically, how can I send this form? The following code is my attempt at the problem, I can make the HTTP connection - but I can't seem to be able to POST the correct HTTP request.

                URL urlObject = new URL(url);

                HttpURLConnection hConnection = (HttpURLConnection)urlObject.openConnection();

                PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(hConnection.getOutputStream());



                if( HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK == hConnection.getResponseCode() )
                    InputStream is = hConnection.getInputStream();
                    OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream("output.html");
                    int data;
                    while(( != -1)

It just keeps returning the same logon HTML page.

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OWA and Sharepoint both like to use hidden fields for "security". Grab a toolbar for your browser that will show form fields and post a listing of all the fields and their values. Clear cookies, refresh the page, and post that information again to see what changes. – Freiheit Jul 19 '10 at 19:03
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That JavaScript does certainly an important thing: it adds a cookie to the document. A decent HTTP client is required to send all valid cookies along the headers on every HTTP request. You should do the same programmatically. You can add headers using URLConnection#setRequestProperty().

Further, there are several things to take into account as well when submitting forms programmatically: you should not skip any hidden input fields (input type="hidden"), those might be of relevance. You should also send the name=value pair of the submit button you'd like to press programmatically along as request parameter. Finally, you should not be using &amp; to concatenate parameter pairs, but &.

Note that I don't guarantee that it will finally work, that OWA thing might have some other prevention against bots, but it should solve the as far spotted problems.

See also:

By the way, have you considered just connecting it using a SMTP/IMAP API like JavaMail?

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Good link! How do I trigger that onClick() event on the input button then? Does sending the POST HTTP request trigger the event implicitly? – Warlax Jul 19 '10 at 21:04
No, you don't need to do anything with the HTML page or the JS code. You just send exactly the parameters and cookies which the server side expects. – BalusC Jul 19 '10 at 22:54

Why go through a form? MS recently open sourced a Java client for their Exchange server API.

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