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Ive got a really frustrating bug going on with Blend 4, when i edit a control template with triggers, if i switch to one of the triggers, the trigger changes are not shown in the design pane, its like ive turned off trigger rendering somehow

Reproduction Steps

Create a new WPF application in visual studio 2010 Open new solution in blend Drag a "SimpleButton" onto the design surface Right click on the button>Edit Style>Edit Current On the triggers tab, select any of the triggers and nothing changes in the design view

This behaviour only appears if The style is defined in a resource dictionary The template is contained within a style, ie , not

Does anyone know any workarounds or fixes for this, i get it on both my home and work machines

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I got a reply on the expression forums, they have confirmed it as a bug, here's the reply

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we've confirmed this regression from V3 behavior and we've filed a bug. If you select a trigger, even though it doesn't appear to be selected (the artboard doesn't immediately update), changes are recorded at leaves. And we have noticed behavior that you might want to use as a workaround. If you perform the following steps then the trigger is applied to the artboard:

  1. Select a trigger
  2. Click the style segment on the breadcrumb
  3. Click the template segment on the breadcrumb
  4. re-select the trigger

My post on the expression forums:

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I got exact same problem and I think it is because if the files were modified in Visual Studio and if the project was not build within the expression I used to get the same problem. What I did was, close Visual Studio, open Project in Expression Blend and build the project before editing template.

Also the problem could be source code control or team system, I did notice that if files werent checked out, blend didnt work correctly, I checked out entire project in Visual Studio then I was able to do everything in Blend.

Hope any of these two should solve your problem.

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Thanks for the tips but unfortunatly none helped I tried creating a project from within blend its self, didnt use VS at all, built the project but still got the same issue Also, these projects arent under source control – Lightweight Jul 19 '10 at 19:53

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