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I would like to hide the entire age column on this table.

<table id="displayTable">
        <td class="Name"></td>
        <td class="Phone"></td>
        <td class="Age"></td>

Javascript follows to hide Age cell -

var table = document.getElementById('displayTable');
var tableRow = table.getElementsByTagName('tr');    

for (var row = 0; row < tableRow.length; row++) {
    var cells = tableRow[row].getElementsByTagName('td')

error says -

"2.style is null or not an object."

What am I missing?

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Well, first of all, check your table id. You have it set to 'displayTable' but you're attempting to look it up by 'displayLossTable'.

When i fix that id, and plug your code into jsFiddle, everything works.

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what does alert(cells[2]) give you? Alternatively you should try add/remove class instead of inline styles:

el.className+= 'hide'
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That alert shows that I have an object. I guess I am having trouble with the display toggle. –  MrM Jul 19 '10 at 19:56

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