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By default mono doesnt trust any SSL connections. So if running on mono i'd like to give a message rather then throwing an exception.

How do i check if i am running under mono at runtime? (since at compile time the CLI wont know)

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I'll quote from the Mono site:

Having code that depends on the underlying runtime is considered to be bad coding style, but sometimes such code is necessary to work around runtime bugs

using System; 
class Program {
    static void Main ()
        Type t = Type.GetType ("Mono.Runtime");
        if (t != null)
             Console.WriteLine ("You are running with the Mono VM");
             Console.WriteLine ("You are running something else");
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Couldn't you just catch the System.Net.WebException and pass your message up? This is approach #1 from the Mono site here: Using Trusted Roots Respectfully. There are a number of more (and a couple less) involved responses there if you'd like to do more, but catching the exception avoids the coding-to-runtime problem tobsen refers to.

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