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Is there any way to run a python script that utilizes TKinter on a web page such that a user could run the script and interact with the TK windows without having to download the script or have the appropriate python interpreter?

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No. There is no way to do this.

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The only approach I can think of, is to use some virtual screen protocol such as VNC, run your Tkinter script on a server for that protocol (e.g., a VNC server), and use a viewer browser plug-in for that protocol in the user's browser (e.g., maybe this one -- haven't tried it myself, though). A similar approach could use the NX protocol (e.g., cfr here).

Note that such solutions will most likely not scale well: they're mostly meant to let one user connect to "their desktop" from a browser. Performance, robustness and scalability of web-native approaches will all run rapid circles around any such "compatibility hack"!

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