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In my cakephp website i have a controller which handles a simple contact form. But i have a problem! If in the contact_controller.php code i use:


i receive the email in my mail box with linebreaks like the user wrote the message. But if i use:


and create an html template to get the variables that i want to receive in mail, i will receive the same with no linebreaks.

How i can fix that?

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Which one do you want? In the first case you send a plain text email, so you will have your line breaks in place. In the second place you send HTML e-mail, where line breaks are in place, but simply ignored.

So either keep sending mails plain text or use nl2br() function on the body for html output.

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The function nl2br() works great! Thanks – alopes Jul 20 '10 at 11:36

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