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I love Wordpress, and for the most part it is self-explanitory and easy to use.

However, the "Add Video" icon on the edit post page seems to be almost completely useless.

Add Video Button

Here's what I did:

  • Press the "Add Video" button

  • Uploaded a video file from my local machine called ballon.mpg

  • Pressed the "Insert into post" button

The result is a Hyperlink called "balloon" to the URL of the video file. Not what I expected.

Is this the functionality that is supposed to happen?

I administer a Wordpress MU blog, and my users are confused about why the icon is there if it doesn't automatically embed local video.

Is there a way for me to hide that icon?

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Sadly, this is the correct functionality. I'm not sure of a way to hide the button, but you could certainly enhance it's behavior using the JW Player Plugin for Wordpress. When you click the 'Add Video' button, you'll be presented with additional options, including the ability to insert a video player directly into the post, like so:

alt text

This will generate a quick code, which will then render a player directly in the post.



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Just out of curiosity, can you explain why it's more like what you'd expect? –  Zachary Ozer Jul 29 '10 at 20:32
I have just tested out the JW Player Plugin and it makes Wordpress behave exactly as I would expect it to in the first place. I definitely recommend the plugin ( I'm removing my comment about the other plugin as I now wish I had found the JW Player Plugin first ). –  jeph perro Jul 29 '10 at 21:12

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