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I have a Vaadin TabSheet and I created 4 Tabs, but I want all these 4 tabs to spread for the whole width of my Tabsheet. Currently they only span about 50% of the width.

I have tried setSizeFull(), setWidth("100%") on the tab object as well as tabsheet object and it doesnt help.

Please let me know if anybody has any idea how to do it.

thanks dheeraj

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For a very crude, brute method, you could try the following:

.v-tabsheet-tabitemcell {
    width: 25%;

.v-tabsheet-tabitem .v-caption {
    width: auto !important;

Note, though, that this might break something in some browsers, especially in older IE's, so be sure to test thoroughly.

Oh, and that's CSS you need to include in a custom theme, if it wasn't obvious from the above snippet :)

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