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How can I create an animated tile on WP7 similar to the XBox Live Tile? What are the options for Animating tiles in general?

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Interested to know as well. –  Twilight Pony Inc. Jul 21 '10 at 3:45

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After a good bit of research I leaning towards it is not possible. You can use push notification to update the tile which does add some flexibility and opportunity but achieving the same effect as the XBox live tile is looking unlikely. With that said I do understand the motivation for the limitation if animations were available this feature would be abused and would ultimately lead to slow devices.

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In a recent Channel 9 video (about 11 minutes in) the softie presenters say this requires Microsoft "special sauce", e.g. this feature is not available to non Microsoft developers. I am guessing (only a guess!) that they will eventually open this feature. The link is here: http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/This+Week+On+Channel+9/TWC9-mvcConf-WP7-Tools-update-AsmSpy-JavaScript-OO

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