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I a new to django and python. I have however managed to build a small part of my application and I am in the point where I want to add a user registration feature.

I have downloaded and installed django-administration and so far I have been impressed with the basic and default configuration. BUT upon trying to customize some of it's behaviour I am stuck for 3 hours now.

  • How do I go about changing the *success_url*?

  • How do I go about using RegistrationFormTermsOfService()?

The docs make it sound so easy but for a newbie like I am stuck and frustrated. It is too vague and assumes too much from newcomers.

Can anyone show me a very quick example on how to do this? What files to edit, etc.

Any reply would be greatly appreciated as I have been trying to figure this out for the last few hours.

Regards, Wenbert

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From django-registration FAQ

How do I pass custom arguments to the views? Part 3 of the official Django tutorial, when it introduces generic views, covers the necessary mechanism: simply provide a dictionary of keyword arguments in your URLconf.

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