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I have come stuck in optimizing one of my is my scenario...

I have a domain simular to Twitter where a user can follow other users. So here is a sample of my User model:

 -> Followers (many-to-many users)
 -> Following (many-to-many users)

I now need to return a paged result of users following user 'XYZ', but also eager load data needed to determine if the currently logged in user is following the returned followers.

So somehow i need to eager load this: user->followers->following (maybe with a filter to just fetch the following data for the current user)

Is this even possible to do in 1 query, or will I need to perform 2 seperate queries? 1 query to return the paged data of followers, then another query specifying an IN clause with returned ID's to fetch the following data for logged in user.


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You need two queries to get the data, but you can execute both queries in a single trip using the NHibernate Futures methods.

In your scenario you'd do something like

var user = Session.CreateCriteria<User>()
                    .SetFetchMode("Followers", FethMode.Eager)
                    .Add(Restrictions.Eq("Id", userId)

                    .SetFetchMode("Following", FethMode.Eager)
                    .Add(Restrictions.Eq("Id", userId)
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