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I have an application. I am looking to create a mashup script that can be shared to other sites to use my application. Had couple of queries..

API - What would be best.. using HTTP or some other webservice
script - whats the best way to pass data to the api?
which scripting would you recommend?

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The question isn't terribly clear - you want to provide an API (You run the application)? Or you want to write a script that uses an others API (if so, which site)? –  dbr Nov 30 '08 at 12:37
Apologize on that.. I would like to provide an api. Also I would like to provide a javascript code which when applied on one's site would include my application. Thanks.. –  Satya Nov 30 '08 at 12:46
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2 Answers

Best thing to do is look at other commonly "mashed" APIs. Google Maps, Flickr. Del.icio.us are all good examples.

Most of them offer multiple API formats. The most common ones are JSON, XML (and/or RSS), and plain-text (comma or tab separated values, usually). Since it's just a different way of displaying the data, it should just be a case of applying a different template, so isn't much work..

Since you mention Javascript, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) would be the easiest to use..

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if u have no idea of building mashups earlier, i would suggest you to go with yahoo pipes.

den gradually you can look for programmableweb.com its a mecca for all mashup developers. u'll get a lots of APIs n web services from there.

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