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I added a gps status listener to my location manager in order see when I get the first fix.

When I receive the GPS_EVENT_FIRST_FIX I then loop through all the satellites, but why is none of them used in the fix? (usedInFix()).

My log says 'false' for all satellites?

final class GpsStatusListener implements GpsStatus.Listener {
    public void onGpsStatusChanged(int i) {

        if (i==GpsStatus.GPS_EVENT_FIRST_FIX) {
            Log.d(APP, "gpsx.fixed.");
            for (GpsSatellite sat:locationManager.getGpsStatus(null).getSatellites()) {
                Log.d(APP, "gpsx.GpsStatus.Sat.fixed: " + sat.usedInFix());


gpsx.GpsStatus.Sat.fixed: false
gpsx.GpsStatus.Sat.fixed: false
gpsx.GpsStatus.Sat.fixed: false
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seems to me like a bug or at least some 'unlogic', reported it at code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=10134 –  Mathias Lin Aug 2 '10 at 1:49

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seems to me like a bug or at least some 'unlogic', reported it at


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