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I am trying to work out an example from ".NET Domain Driven Design with C#", which contains a code example where you can see declared some attributes of type DelegateCommand.

Now, I've tried googling it up, but I can't find its reference anywhere on MSDN (actually, I found this article, but not DelegateCommand's article itself).

Is the DelegateCommand something that's part of WPF or is it just something created in the book?

If it's part of WPF (or any other MS product), in which assembly/namespace is it?

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The DelegateCommand is not (yet) part of the standard library (BCL).

It is part of WPF command-binding for MVVM.

Until we get an 'official' MVVM template in VS, all the MVVM examples/toolkits define it somewhere themselves. Not always with the same name or in the same place.

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If you use MS Prism,downlaod the lib, add the reference to the project, then you have

using Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Commands; // for DelegateCommand & RaisePropertyChanged
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DelegateCommands is a custom implementation of ICommand. DelegateCommand was introduced(correct me if I am wrong) in prism(Composite Application framework) -

You can use that or you can implement your own as done here -

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I've found it called RelayCommand (I think that's the original name, to be honest). Please see here:

Hope that helps!

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From the MSDN article - "RelayCommand is a simplified variation of the DelegateCommand found in the Microsoft Composite Application Library." –  akjoshi Jul 20 '10 at 7:43

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