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Does anybody know how to integrate Google closure compiler with Eclipse IDE? The thing I was trying to do is to configure Google closure compiler as a external tool for Eclipse IDE. Then I would be able to run closure compiler within IDE and minify my Javascript files with single click. Have anybody solved this problem yet?

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Rock Star Apps provide a little-known plugin which does this. I just wrote a blog article on it:

After some googling, I also found this, but haven't tested it:

Update: the Rock Star Apps site no longer works. Were I to try to do this today, I would definitely just download the closure compiler jar, write an ant script to run it (something like the code below), and then create a project builder for it (see my blog post on doing this with another compiler).

<target name="rebuild">

    <taskdef name="jscomp" classname=""

    <jscomp compilationLevel="simple" warning="quiet" 
        debug="false" output="js/all.closure.js">
        <sources dir="js">
            <file name="script1.js"/>
            <file name="script2.js"/>
            <file name="script3.js"/>
            <file name="script4.js"/>
            <file name="script5.js"/>
            <file name="script6.js"/>

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too bad for the hijacked domain :( – Magnetic_dud Mar 21 '12 at 20:09
Rock Star Apps can't be found anymore because of the hijacked domain, but you can still manually download and install the zip. I just followed this post instructions and it worked: – firepol Nov 16 '12 at 8:48

you could use ant tasks for this

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try these eclipse plugins:

Eclipse Plugin for Closure Templates

Eclipse Plugin for JavaScript with Closure Compiler and Closure Library

everything works!

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This podcast has some info on how the closure compiler might fit into the IDE. But it was published before closure was released.

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You might be interested in, a Closure build tool. It dynamically recompiles JavaScript and Closure Template code.

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